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Fiona Rose

The 'Songbirds' image on this throw cushion we sell is a favorite of mine and was designed by the graphic artist Talwin Morris (1865-1911). Talwin Morris was a member of the circle of artists surrounding the architect and designer Charles Rennie MacKintosh in Glasgow. In 1893 he became Art Director at the distinguished publishing house of Blackie & Sons and through his book designs he was able to introduce a wide audience to what was becoming known as 'The Glasgow Style'. This image appeared on the cover of a series of poetry books in 1902. I'm gradually collecting the series and am always on the look out for them in antique book shops!

The vases shown are Teco Art Pottery which are handcrafted and hand glazed using original designs from the American Terra Cotta and Ceramics Company which was based in Illinois at the turn of the century. I love their matt green glaze and the elegant shape of the Rocket vase. The smaller vase is named The Kiss vase as it's contours follow the shape of the lips in a kiss - very romantic!

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