<p>Stylish address book in the Strawberry Thief design with a metal bearing bearing the name Morris & Co.<span id="selection-marker-1" class="redactor-selection-marker"></span></p>
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Morris & Co Strawberry Thief Address Book and Pen Set

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Stylish address book in the Strawberry Thief design licensed from Morris & Co. by Blueprint. The address book measures 10.5 cm wide by 15 cm tall so is a perfect size for a table top or a handbag. The book has sections for addresses, birthdays and notes and is packaged in a lovely gift box with a metal pen bearing the name Morris & Co.

Strawberry Thief was designed by William Morris in 1883 with birds drawn by his architect friend Philip Webb. Strawberry Thief was inspired by the Morris family efforts to grow strawberries at their home Kelmscott Manor but being thwarted by thrushes who would creep under the netting and eat the fruit. Morris insisted that the birds be left undisturbed.

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