Almond Blossom and Swallow Walter Crane Writing Set
Almond Blossom and Swallow Walter Crane Writing Set
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Almond Blossom and Swallow Walter Crane Writing Set

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Writing set featuring Walter Crane's Almond Blossom and Swallow wallpaper frieze. Contains 10 sheets of high quality A5 printed writing paper with 10 envelopes encased in an attractive matt laminate folder (7 3/8" x 9.5").

One outer edge of the writing paper has a strip of the Almond and Blossom design (see photo) and the envelopes are plain white. We also sell a note pad and book mark featuring this beautiful design. 

Walter Crane (1845 – 1915) was a British artist and book illustrator. Crane’s vivid imagination was well suited to children’s books, where he could apply his imagination to illustrate children’s nursery rhymes and fairy tales in short, inexpensive picture books referred to as Toy Books (popular in the Victorian era) for Routledge Publishing. Crane illustrated thirty-seven toy books over the next ten years, earning him the title “academician of the nursery,” and effectively pigeon-holing his artistic style as that of a children’s book illustrator. Crane’s most famous work is often considered to be the illustrations he created for Edmund Spenser’s 16th century epic poem, The Faerie Queene (originally published 1590). The design elements of the Arts and Crafts Movement clearly influenced Crane’s style in these illustrations where he looked to the English Gothic style for inspiration, viewing it as an honest time where the artists were craftsmen, and the craftsmen were artists.

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