Peacock Decorative Terracotta Wall Tile
Peacock Decorative Terracotta Wall Tile
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Peacock Decorative Terracotta Wall Tile

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Beautiful decorative wall tile of a peacock as designed by Mary Watts (1849 - 1939) for the Watts Chapel in Compton, Surrey.

The peacock image is a symbol of hope and was used by many Arts & Crafts era designers and architects including M.H. Baillie Scotts peacock frieze wallpaper at Blackwell on Lake Windermere, William Morris's Peacock & Dragon textile print, Ambrose Heal's Fine Feathers furniture and Frank Lloyd Wright's peacock carpet for the banquet hall of Tokyo's Imperial Hotel.

The tile measures 10 cm x 11.1 cm and has two fixing holes either side of the peacock's wings.

These tiles are hand made in Somerset using clay from Stoke-On-Trent.

These frost resistant decorative pieces can be used as wall decor in many different situations in the home and garden: on a mantle piece or beam, on or over a door, kitchen splash back, in a porch, conservatory, gardens, gate/gate post, built into risers of steps or patio/courtyard wall, just to name a few

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