William Morris and the South Kensington Museum

The Green Dining Room at the Victoria & Albert Museum
by Fiona Rose

Home to his Firm's Green Dining Room, William Morris had a close personal and working relationship with the South Kensington Museum, known today as the Victoria & Albert Museum...

Who was ‘Marshall’ in Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co?

Morris & Co Shop, Oxford Street
by Fiona Rose

Who was the mysterious Marshall in the story of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co ?

Morris in Bloomsbury

by Fiona Rose

William Morris’s personal and professional association with Bloomsbury spanned 25 years including two residences and two locations for his business Morris & Co.

The Soldier in William Morris

by Fiona Rose

William Morris was a soldier - surely not? I thought I knew most things about Morris but his military "career" - if you can call it that - took me completely by surprise as highlighted by Malcolm Youngs in a recent edition of The Friends of Red House Newsletter...

Stage Set by Morris & Co: The Crusaders 1891

by Fiona Rose
William Morris was famously thought to be theatre adverse but new evidence has come to light that Morris & Co. designed the stage sets for the 1891 play The Crusaders by Arthur Henry Jones.

The Garden of William Morris at Kelmscott House

by Fiona Rose

In 1875 William Morris was looking for a house to lease in London. Kelmscott House, on the Upper Mall, Hammersmith, fulfilled his requirements of being close to water and having a large unspoiled garden.

Frank Lloyd Wright's The Ennis House

by Fiona Rose
When I give talks about Frank Lloyd Wright, I am often asked what is my favourite Wright building. The answer is: The Ennis House..

The Morrises at Broadway Tower

by Fiona Rose

What connection has a C19th turreted folly, set high on the north east edge of the Cotswolds, have to do with William Morris?

The Emery Walker House: The Last Arts & Crafts Interior

by Fiona Rose

7 Hammersmith Terrace, London, is the former home of Emery Walker, printer and antiquary, and dear friend and mentor to William Morris...

John Henry Dearle: A Life at Morris & Co.

by Fiona Rose

He worked for 54 years at Morris & Co, culminating - after the death of William Morris - in being the company's chief designer responsible for creating the famous Golden Lily, Compton and Iris designs, yet few have heard of John Henry Dearle (1860 - 1932)...


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